10 05 2009

I was very sceptical of twitter, a friend told me what it was and I thought it sounded pretty bad, I couldn’t see a reason for it. Then to make matters worse, another friend showed me that twitterverse video about the two guys in the office which I bet you’ve seen.

Many people I know who aren’t on twitter have seen that video and use it as their reason to never try twitter.

However I have an almost fatal curiosity, and signing up wasn’t painful.

After getting tweetdeck, the whole thing came to life and I have found it a lot better than Facebook and it’s silly apps which I had been throwing in the bin as soon as someone sent me any.

Myspace is just too user-unfriendly for me, hated it.

I have basically dumped Facebook and Myspace for Twitter.
It does the job without screwing me around, I hate being screwed around.

Finally there’s a bunch of weird people out there who say that computer users who socialise online, need to get a life.

But I’ll tell you, people you meet online *do* translate to real life friends and possibly employees.

You simply can’t meet everyone in the same city at all times, it’s not going to happen, if you think it can, throw your mobile phone in the bin now and give it a try.

Twitter is great, try it and don’t be a slacker.





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