Humanitarian technology

9 05 2009

I had an idea, but I’m not technically inclined, so will leave it to you to ponder.

What if, you could buy a router which did this.

It puts out two signals as wi-fi, one is your regular signal, and is protected by your security code.

The second signal is not protected, and only runs at about 56kb (could be a bit more, but this will do as an example).

The 56k signal is for people walking past your home who have a wi-fi compatible device, accessing a free access point is always really nice… they could send or recieve a few e-mails, or twitter a message to friends.

The reason I suggest limiting the signal is to stop people turning up in a car, in front of your home and playing World of Warcraft while downloading a DVD.

It keeps things fair.

Could such a device be built? and would you buy one if they were of a similar price to a normal Router?


* I suppose speed could be set by the user, rather than factory set?




One response

7 08 2009
Ryu Darragh

Sure can be done. I have 6 free channels on my 108G/N router, one of which is unsecured and routed straight to the internet. I have it band limited to the slowest wifi speed available. I normally use it for low speed gadgets that can get updates and surf the web, but not much more, like my Palm T|X pocket PC which has Internet Radio. I don’t mind if others want to use it to surf the web.

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