A Break

7 05 2009

There may be those wondering why I’ve stopped posting about my battle with cancer. Well the reason is that I got a shock last week when my Sister phoned and told me that She has cancer herself. I don’t really have the right to go into detail about this, so I won’t. But it’s a frightening prospect as yet another in my family has to do battle with this terrible disease.

I am often annoyed that so many worry about things like terrorism, I know it’s an awful thing and people do die as a result… but so many people are suffering with and dying of cancer, AIDS, MS and other diseases right at this moment.

I will continue the story when I feel the time is right, and if you want me to… in the mean time, would you do something for those of us who have cancer, for those who died and those who survived?

Please drop a coin, just one, of any value, in a can at a shop, such as Bakers Delight who are currently collecting for Breast Cancer.
If everyone put a coin in a can tomorrow, that’d be a heck of a lot of money.

I had Rectal cancer, but it would be absolutely wonderful for me, as a survivor, to see any form of cancer completely obliterated from the planet.

And that goes for any other disease.





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