Getting out there

27 04 2009

I see I got my name into “Australia’s top 100 Journalists and News Media People on Twitter” which sounds very impressive… Just don’t read the first paragraph under the title, please. Thanks @earleyedition

I’ve been listed as Werewolf, fair enough, because that’s what I call myself, although would it have been mentioned if I was Black or Jewish or something like that?

I wonder if being Werewolf makes any difference to my online skills?

Yes I am often here past 2am, and that might be useful, but I also don’t wake till about midday.

The mention says I’m also unpaid by ABC and this is true, but it’s a volunteer position. Ahh I should go into that… The thing is with me is that I’ve usually been a student of something or been a volunteer.

Here’s a brief list of my doings:

Attended “The Radio Works” a radio school run by Chris Heaney of 3XY during the 80s.

Had my own radio show twice a week on community station 3 RIM FM in Melton. (3 years)

A period of Illness, which I will go into later, forcing me to leave radio.

A two year course in Shiatsu Massage in Fitzroy (I’m also Reiki II)

A short stint at Melbourne Zoo, as a volunteer, not as an exhibit.

Another period of illness.

Volunteer at ABC Island.

As you can see, I seem to prefer being a volunteer, and I do, but the money is pretty crook.

I think the ABC should have volunteers doing things for it, why not? As someone who did radio for nothing, for a full three years, it’s amazing what a bit of passion can do, I would really like ABC to have it’s own national community station, where talented people could contribute self-made dramas and documentaries, and anything else they can come up with.

Back to the wolf thing.

Just wondering if I should put it on my regime?

Volunteered for ABC Island in Secondlife, Assists newcomers and devours pests? I swear I haven’t eaten anyone, I don’t even like red meat much, honestly!





One response

27 04 2009

Werewolf, as opposed to human 😉 … does kind of sound weird on the list though doesn’t it?

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