The tinkerers

25 04 2009

I thought about people and what they do with themselves, these days, for me, it’s secondlife, but had it not been that, and the internet in general, It would most likely have been my music collection.

There’s a flippant remark a lot of people have, which is to do with getting out and getting some sun, but there’s not always sun to be had, and in some places, it’s definately better to be inside than out.

If I’d been a country boy like I often wished I was, I would have liked to pack mybag and gone hiking with the dogs, I love nature, it would have been something I would have looked forward to, but life, as it is, and the place where I live, isn’t the best for that kind of thing.

For many years I dreamt that Dad might actually knock off the lottery and we’d move up the country, I always wanted to live in a kit home, a loft house, but sadly, the dream was never realised.

Many people prefer to be inside,  My dad knew a man who loved trains, and had a train running all through his home, One of my uncles loved to fix clocks and many people love to just sit and knit things, or cook.

I think people are too quick to blame computers on a quieter lifestyle, but the truth is that not everybody likes to play sports.

When I was at school, Sport had an army boot-camp feel about it, so I took an instant dislike to the whole thing.

It seemed to me that kids would be shouted at to do things, though they’d done nothing wrong.

“GET DOWN NOW AND GIVE ME TEN PUSHUPS!” shouted my PE teacher once, and I did… but what I regret the most was not taking a huge chunk of flesh out of his ankle while I was down there, I did think about it at the time.

Sport was supposed to be fun, but honestly, how can anything be fun if you’re made to do it?

If made to play cricket or something, I’d go up, deliberately miss the ball and go back and sit down… what a complete waste of reading time, yes I prefered sitting in the library, reading about inventions and things which interested me a great deal.

If my life was a movie, there’s a lot of stuff I’d edit out, most of my school life, which I hated, but definately anything to do with sports.




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