But seriously

24 04 2009

I think I’ll use this blog for my more serious thoughts, if that’s possible, being who I am.

I have wondered about something, could a person like me make a living from being “a nice guy”, it seems to be about the only real talent I have.

I live at home on a pension, which although it keeps me going, and feeds my dog, cat and myself, it really doesn’t help me get anywhere.

Mum passed away in 2006, and I inherited the family home. but it’s quite run down, the bathroom is rotting away, the ceiling either needs re-painting or replacing, I’m not sure which. The tiles on the floor are lifting, The ceiling in the kitchen leaks heavily during a storm, water just pours down like a waterfall… which would be really pretty, except for where it is. My cork tiles in the kitchen are rotting away and lifting. and my garden looks like a wilderness area. I may find a crocodile there one day.

I’m not a handyman, every male in the family was good with mechanical things, except for my grandfather who was good with Horses, and I think I got a great deal of his genes, as I can’t stand cars myself.

What I do is use the computer, I’m good at getting people connected, making them feel happy… can that be defined anywhere as a job? I’ve been doing this for ABC Island in Secondlife for about two years now, as a volunteer, which I don’t mind at all, but sometimes I wish it were different.

It would be great to feel as though I can cope better, change things, fix or replace things that have broken down.

I’ve come into the very first era of the internet, where people are just starting to see the potential of it, future generations will hold jobs in virtual worlds, to them it will seem like an everyday thing, but it’s still so very new and experimental to us.

To the public, those who don’t know what we’re about, it’s all very strange and geeky. “Secondlife? *sneer* what’s that?” they’ll ask, and then pick up their mobile phone and chat as though talking on a mobile has never been uncool, I remember when anyone who had a mobile was sneered at in a funny way, it wasn’t all that long ago, I’m sure you remember, don’t you?

Can being a nice guy who helps people out, be a commodity? does anyone need anyone like that?

The trouble with me, quite honestly is I doubt anyone would like to be my boss, over the years I have had too much freedom, to think things through and be who I am. I hated, absolutely hated school, I hate being anywhere where I have to sit for hours on end in a building I don’t want to be in.

But to be at home, with my dog beside me, and my own lunch out of my own fridge, that’s me.

I’ll do the work that I do, and walk my dog, and have a sleep in my bed, whenever I like… and then try to do something useful and creative online.

You see, I am being useful to people, but I doubt I can turn that to income which I really really need.

It’s a problem.





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